<span style="color: #c31a0f"><span style="font-size: 40pt"><strong>Sage CRM</strong></span></span>

This workshop is a must for growing businesses.
    •  Is your sales pipeline showing what stage sales deals are at?
    •  Are you making business decisions based on real-time information?
    •  Is your sales team working on the right leads, at the right time?

These are questions most growing small and medium sized companies face. And if you want to keep succeeding, your sales teams need to shorten the length of their sales cycles. With Sage CRM you can answer these questions and generate a quicker return on investment.

This seminar will help show you how to automate your sales process and help your sales team work on the most profitable and winnable deals. We will also cover other aspects of Sage CRM such as:

    •  Delivering exceptional service
    •  Targeted marketing
    •  Mobile, social and cloud CRM
    •  CRM and ERP integration